Fall Wreath (Free Pattern!)

I made a fall wreath! This is sort my own take on  this wreath from RepeatCrafterMe.
I changed the colors, some of the sizing, and some aspects of the bow. If you would
like one just like this, follow the instructions below!

I am using US terms. 
  • 16 inch foam wreath
  • 7 colors of yarn
  • Light green yarn
  • Crochet hook, size H
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Fiberfill
  • Hot glue gun

Chain 23
SC in second chain from hook until the last st, chain 1, turn your work (22)
Continue SC rows making:

Once the entire pattern is repeated 8 times and you have one long scarf-looking strip, you will attach it to the foam wreath.

The key here is to align the colors and make sure that the stitched portion remains on the same side of the wreath. In other words, don't let the stitched side twirl around and all over the wreath. We want to make sure that once we hang it on the wall, it won't show. 

It doesn't matter what yarn color you pick to sew the strip to the foam wreath. I honestly chose brown because it was the closest skein from where I was sitting at the time!

So now we make the bow! It is a two part process. You will make one strip for the actual bow and one strip that will go around the wreath and bow. 

For the bow - 
Chain 9
Row 1: SC in second chain from hook until the last st, chain 1, turn your work (8)
Repeat Row 1 until you reach your desired length.

For the hanging strip - 
I used the same pattern for the strip of crochet rows that will hang the entire wreath but crocheted a different color border. I used brown for the strip and yellow for the border (the same yarn I used for the wreath)

I followed the pattern provided at RepeatCrafterMe and made 3 pumpkins.


You basically crochet a tiny strip, sew it together, and stuff it with fiberfill. I had a hard time making the stem... not because the pattern is difficult, but because it's very tight. I used the smallest hook I own and that seemed to help.


I used the leaf pattern from this website and made 6 leaves and 1 coil (not in the photo below). I used a lighter green for the pumpkin leaves to make them stand out from the rest of the wreath.

I also made made assorted leaves to place around the pumpkins once they were attached to the wreath: 3 dark green, 2 orange, 1 yellow, and 1 brown. Note that these are all colors that I used on the wreath itself!

I cheated a little bit... I have to admit! I was supposed to sew on the pumpkins and leaves onto the wreath but decided to use a hot glue gun instead. I played around with the placement of each piece until I was happy with how everything looked. Here is what I came up with:

Like I said, it is very much like the wreath from RepeatCrafterMe but I made it my own. And I love it!

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